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How to bring him back to me spellFree love spells to bring him back
If your boyfriend or husband has left you, might be for any reason, might be you both ended up having a huge fight or might be your other side felt its time to quit, but now since they are gone you feel that they should be in your life again and you want to bring him back, then you should take help of free love spells to bring him back. Many love psychic would cast a free love spell for you, for the first time but this kind of spells can be cast by you as well, below I have mentioned a free love spell to bring him back: from  All you need to do is write the name of your boyfriend or husband or that person whom you want to bring back, in twelve different pieces of paper, then burn those twelve papers on consecutive even numbered days only.

How to bring him back to me spell – These means that you would burn each paper on the second, fourth, sixth and so on, collect all the ashes, when you have finished this procedure, make a cup using rose petal, stick three rose petal of white, yellow and red together, then put the ashes in that cup of roses and wrap it properly, then put the cup inside a rose plant pot and keep the plant pot on the eastern side of your room, now you need to water the plant every day, while watering the plant chant the below-written spell, do it for thirty-five days and the person would get back to you. You need to make sure that till your spell starts and end the water should not stop flowing, or if in the total course any day the water stops flowing then you have to do the whole process from the beginning.

How to bring him back to me spell

Attract Your Love Spell

This is a spell to bring someone to you. This spell is pretty simple and should make the person come, call, email, message, text or send a letter to you. Basically, they should reach out and communicate with you in some way. I have tried this spell and variations of it many times with varying success.
Once, when I was at 18ish the time, I was dating this older guy who actually slept with my best friend (long story, knew this girl since 5th grade!). This really wasn’t a guy I should have had anything to do with, but I missed him (very stupid of me), I thought I loved him (in reality I didn’t want to be alone) so I did this spell.
Unfortunately, it worked and I had the person in my life for another 3 years. Doing those 3 years more of the same occurred, with me allowing this person to hurt me and treat me poorly. None of that really matters but suffice it to say the spell worked. The spell worked so well that when I wanted him gone he stayed in my life anyway!
And even crazier – I haven’t talked to this person in years, but he often mentions me to a mutual friend and is constantly trying to get in touch with me! EEEKKK! It seems as though if I even send a thought that person way, he will pick up on the energies and want to communicate with me!How to bring him back to me spell
How to bring him back to my spell still had a lot of resentment towards the guy but he got my email from the mutual friend and emailed me. This was fine and so he called… He STILL — after 3 AND A HALF YEARS (almost exactly because I’ve been with my current beau for 3) wants to be with me. He was on the phone saying how I would always be his baby, etc. He even claimed that he was going to drive to my house (and I live with my awesome BF) and steal me away! WEIRD, right? But back to the story…

How to bring him back to me spell – I still had a lot of resentment towards the guy but he got my email from the mutual friend and emailed me. This was fine and so he called… He STILL — after 3 AND A HALF YEARS (almost exactly because I’ve been with my current beau for 3) wants to be with me. He was on the phone saying how I would always be his baby, etc. He even claimed that he was going to drive to my house (and I live with my awesome BF) and steal me away! WEIRD, right? But back to the story…
I forgave the person a long time ago for everything he did and I forgave myself for being weak and letting it happen. BUT I still don’t want this person in my life because they are trouble! Anyhoo.. Here is the spell! Spell to Bring Someone to You

  • A Spell to See if He Likes You

When you are curious to know if someone likes you. This free love spell will make it obvious if someone likes you.  This spell has over 30 comments and has been said to work instantly. This spell works really well but it does require some items that may not be the easiest to find. Read over the spell beforehand and make any modifications required to tailor it to your needs. This spell can be done during any phase of the moon but is said to work best if done on a Friday.

  • Love Spells Without Ingredients

For new witches, it can be hard to gather ingredients, items, and tools required to create a potent love spell. This article will serve as a primer on magickal energy and the intention behind spell casting.

  • Lady Raven’s Love Perfume

Love perfume is said to attract the love of your life through romance, passion, and pleasure. This is a very fun love spell that will bring you tons fun romance and tons of dates. I wore this scent often while I was in high school and plenty of fun date nights with some cool people. Try not to go on too many dates! This spell will give you such a surplus that you will have to turn down plenty of dates!

  • Attract Your Love Spell

The items for this spell are so affordable! I think in total I spent around $6 to cast it. This spell needs to be started on the Friday night of a waxing moon or if possible on the night of a full moon. This spell includes a red paper heart, love oil and candles. Release all things holding you back and open your heart to love. The happier you are the faster your new love will come to you.

  • Spell to Bring Someone To You

Talk about a potent spell! This spell worked for me every time I cast it. This powerful spell will bring whoever you want to you fast. The person will reach out to you whether via email or text message. This spell has been shared over 90 times because it works! If you are a new witch this spell will work for you eventually but if you already meditate daily then watch for almost instant results!

  • Spell to Become Irresistible

This lovely Beauty spell was submitted by Holly. She walks you through the process of making seduction oil and casting the spell. This spell does include wine so it is gear towards those who are of legal drinking age Attract Your Love Spell

  • Make Someone Fall in Love with You

Similar to the very popular spell to make someone love you, this spell makes someone love you. It will awaken romantic feelings within the person. This spell only requires a red candle, two silver pins, and attraction oil. This spell works very quickly, so if you are having second thoughts I wouldn’t cast this spell just yet.

  • A Charm Bag to Draw Love to You

If you make this charm bag during the waxing moon you will attract love to you. This spell is perfect for newer witches because they almost always work. When I was younger I did a charm bag almost every month because of their awesome and potent power. Charm bags are great for enhancing general energies like luck or happiness.

  • Spell to Attract a Specific Person

One of the most popular love spells on the site. Cast this spell if you want the admiration of a specific person. This spell will help you clear blocks and negative spaces that may be preventing you from obtaining the love of the person you are attracted to. Cast this spell on a Friday during the night of the waning moon. It does require unblock oil which you can buy or make.

  • Spell to Attract Love into Your Life

Perfect spell for those looking for love. This simple and effective spell for those who want to bring romance into their lives. This spell isn’t for use on a specific person. Try the spell above for this one. You will need rose quartz, rosemary, and a few more items to make this love spell more potent. Attraction oil can be substituted with lovers oil, rose oil or vanilla.

  • Spell to Create a Joyful, Lasting Love

Sometimes we have been hurt in previous relationships and really are desiring a pure, mature and joyful relationship that is going to last. This spell is best suited for those of us who have been hurt in a previous relationship and done some true soul searching about the kind of love you want to manifest.

  • Spell to Attract a New Love

If you are looking for a new relationship then try this love spell to attract a new love. This is a simple spell that works fast. Those who are new to casting witch spells should try this one. Simple and easy to modify, try this spell to attract a new love if you want a new relationship.How to bring him back to me spell

  • Spell for a Passionate Love

Looking for a passionate love affair? This spell works best if done on a Friday night during the waxing moon. Your passionate lover will come forth and your life will be filled with a passionate love.  This is a wonderful spell and can be modified in many different ways. This spell is more advanced than the other spells on this website and really wouldn’t be suggested as a spell for a beginner.

  • Spell to See if Someone Likes You

Ever been in a situation where you are interested in a guy or gal but wasn’t sure how they felt about you? Do this spell! This spell will promote a romantic vibration out into the universe. If the person is interested then the spell will make the person notice you more. It will clear any obstacles preventing a potential relationship but won’t force someone to fall in love with yo Getting Your Ex Back

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