Spells to make someone fall in love with you

Spell For Making Someone Fall In Love With You

For this spell, you will need one red candle in the shape of a man and a woman hugging each other. On each side of the figure, write the respective names of you and of the person whose love you seek. Then you will need a bottle of Fire of Love oil and one ounce of Arabic gum. Now mix the gum and the love oil until it forms a paste. With the paste, cement the candle. This spell can be cast only on the night of a full moon. On the full-moon night, light the candle exactly at 2 a.m. and, for 23 times, chant: “Oh Aphrodite and Hephaestus, I pray to thee, bring me love, as within be. Never were you separated, so not let me thee. Bring my love, I pray to thee.” And once you have chanted this phrase 23 times, let the candles relinquish on their own. When the candle is about to blow out, chant, as many times you can, “luvum shubham, shabe barat, Luvum shubham, share raat, Sararat pyeer, pyur paar, Mericos mardana, nun jaat.” By the time the moon enters the new moon phase, you will see that the person for whom you have cast the love spell has fallen for you deeply.

Love Spell For Capturing His Heart

This spell will help you in winning the man’s heart for you. It will not happen instantly and will take some time. For this magic, you will need a doll. You can make the doll using wheat flour and make sure to depict the doll as a male you must make the male genitals as well. To make the doll, roll the dough. Take some portion, round it well in your palm and then flatten it a little for making the head. Then make the body by doing the same but with a cylindrical shape. Now roll the arms and the legs and then make the male genital. Then, you will need the picture of the man you want to win the heart of. You will also need a little hair or used piece of cloth; it will be better if you have. Keep at hand a few pins and half a pound of mustard seeds, black mustard seeds and a big piece of red cloth for tying and covering the doll. On the doll, stick the picture and any of his belongings that you’ve obtained, and then sprinkle some red vermillion over it. Take five to seven pins and prick yourself with each of them so that they have a little of your blood on their tips. Now stick all these pins near the heart of the doll. The more pins you stick, the faster you will get the results of the magic. On the red cloth, put the mustard seeds and wrap the doll completely with it. On the cloth tie as many knots and you have put the pins in the doll. While tying the knots, chant ‘Let it be the night of no moon, no one should be with me. Let your heart be mine forever and ever.’ Now keep this doll at the four intersection road near your house, so that someone finds it and open the knots. As the knots will be opened, the person for whom you have cast the spell will fall deeply in love with you; his heart will be yours. While you are performing the spell, make sure no one is around, and you don’t get disturbed during the spell.

Create An Erogenous Zone

For this spell, first, create an erogenous zone. You can create it with paper or something that can be burned later. Write the name of the person and the spot of the body you are looking to designate. Then hold it over the candle and chant “Potens Xul facere — an altus sensitiva erogenous zone.” In the blanks fill the person’s name or his body part. Repeat this eight times. Then imagine that spot on their body glowing orange. Now burn the paper. You are done with the spell.

A Yogurt Facial For Attracting Someone

This spell sounds more like a beauty tip, but trust me; it is a spell for winning the heart of your beloved. It is crazy, but this magic beauty charm works. Begin the spell by lighting candles and incense. Wash your face with warm water and pat dry. Just apply some beaten thick yogurt on your face. While applying the yogurt chant the spell ‘Wholesome food of the ancient ones ease my tension. Nourish my spirit and my skin and make me fresh again. Blessed be!’ Let it stay for at least ten minutes and while you are waiting, take a soak in your bathtub. Wash it off with cold water and pat dry. You will see your skin glowing and beautiful enough to attract attention. You can also use it for treating the mild case of sunburn as well. The magic of this spell will be seen in some time.

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